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There are a lot of people who are providing the best of knowledge for people on the internet but they are not getting the right results or traffic from their work because they are not focusing properly on SEO Dubai which is necessary to have better reach to the audience now. When you use the best techniques then you will be able to get more traffic and you can use these techniques in different social media platforms like on the Facebook Instagram or LinkedIn marketing Dubai however you have to be more specific while working on different platforms as audience will be different on these. To get more traffic through SEO you have to add these in your content:


When you headlines and subheadings in your content then you will be having more traffic from there because you will get to have the attention of the people as this content will be easier to read and understand as there is different content in these headings so people will be better to read according to their interest.


You need to add the link of your previous works or articles on your current article and then you have to be relevant with your current article. There will be some people who are adding the links to their articles without any relevancy and it will make their audience frustrated. These links will be available for the audience to drag them to the other content and it will increase the reliability of your website and Google will see that as a good website where people will have some important and beneficial work.


You need to make sure that there will be some of the articles that are according to the length which is required to have more audience on your website and you can also have some of the smaller articles too but make sure that all the articles will not be the same short length as these articles will not get the attention of the relevant audiences. You have to see suggestions in this regard and try to write articles. If you do not find any time for that then you can also hire a good content writer for your website and then you can pay them or you can hire them according to profit you get from their articles.

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