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Mainland company formation in Dubai comes with numerous benefits. It allows you to conduct business in any region of the UAE, which means no restrictions on currency or yearly audit requirements. Second, you can repatriate 100% of your profits. And third, you’re free to engage in multiple business ventures. As a mainland company, you’ll be able to benefit from several government contracts.

Mainland companies are allowed to conduct business in any part of the UAE:

Unlike free zone companies, mainland firms do not have any restrictions on where they can conduct business. Mainland companies are onshore companies with licenses issued by the Department of Economic Development in other emirates. They can conduct business anywhere in the UAE without restrictions and are therefore the best option for foreign companies. Mainland companies are also free from minimum capital requirements, yearly audits, and red tape.

They are allowed to repatriate 100% of their profits:

A free zone entity can only supply services that are incidental to the UAE’s economy and deemed taxable by the government. These services can include commercial agencies, real estate services, rental/leasing of automobiles, agricultural, forestry and farming, investigation and security services, travel agencies and passenger road transportation. Free zone entities are also allowed to repatriate 100 percent of their profits.

They have no currency restrictions:

Owning a Dubai mainland company can be an advantageous option for foreign entrepreneurs. The foreign national is not tied down to a UAE national who has a majority share in the company. As a result, the foreigner does not have to depend on the UAE national’s signature or representation in any government departments. In addition, a foreign national can take government or semi-government projects and be free to operate in the local market.

They have no requirement for a yearly audit:

Owning a Dubai mainland company comes with many benefits. In Dubai mainland, there is no requirement for yearly audits. These benefits include the boosted share of your business activities, the ease of registration and administration, and the government has set minimum trading rules for mainland companies. By opening your company to the wider market, you can also increase revenue, development, and trade with industries outside of the UAE.

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