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How to Form a Company in a Dubai Free Zone? A Useful Guide To Help You

You may be wondering how to form a company in Dubai free zone. It might seem not easy to figure out the process and the costs. There are specific requirements, including licenses and taxes. If you’re new to the business scene, you might be unsure whether or not you’re eligible for company formation in Dubai Free zones. Luckily, there are experts in company formation in Dubai who can help you start your business smoothly and efficiently.

Get a business licenses:

In the UAE, forming a company is quite similar to that of a mainland business. You will still need to apply for a business license, but it will take 5-10 days. Then you must secure a physical address, which can be an office, co-working space, or Flexi desk. It is necessary to have a physical location in a free zone, as all businesses must have an office space, even if the business is solely professional. As a result, most free zone companies don’t require an annual audit, although DMCC may require one.

Third-party approvals for incorporation are required:

The initial approval and third-party approvals for incorporation are required. A lease/tenancy contract is also needed. Once all the paperwork is completed, the company will receive a license and a standard corporate documents. However, these requirements may vary between Free Zones. Listed below are the steps to form a company in Dubai Free Zone. Read on to learn more. The duration of forming a company in Dubai Free Zone varies.

Required documentation:

Many different types of documents are needed when forming a company in the UAE. The most important is the license, which may be referred to by different names in each emirate. This document allows the company to conduct legal business activities in the UAE. Some licenses have 2 parts: the first page outlines the company’s name and the details of its shareholders, directors, and managers. The second page serves as a reference for the number of shares in the company.

The free zone in Dubai, also known as Jafza, is a thriving area where you can set up a company and conduct business activities. You can conduct manufacturing and trading activities there, but you cannot set up a service-provider business in the free zone. While the company setup costs in Dubai are higher than in the Mainland, you can be assured of a stable, efficient, and well-established company.

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