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Challenges of Being a Car sales person

We seldom find a job that gives money on our every achievement. Meaning to say that the more we put our efforts, the more benefit we will be getting. This is the job of a car sales person. A car sales person’s job is to achieve daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly targets. Upon completing the targets, the car sales person is awarded with money and more benefits and sometimes, they are promoted as well and they are promoted specially when they sell different kinds of Honda warranty on used cars.

There are more benefits on selling Hyundai warranty used car. There are so many people who think of car sales person as a lesser person because they think that the car sales person is faking stuff just to complete their target. But the fact is that there are so many benefits of being a car sales person like they make a lot of money, they make good connections, they have flexible job timings, they seldom require any degree and much more. But there are some challenges of being a car sales person as well. The first issue is that sometimes the commission comes late. There will be so many customers who pay late, even though your file is closed and the sale is confirmed, still your commission will not be issued unless or until the clients gets the car at home.

There are so many companies who don’t pay a single dime if you don’t sell anything. Even though it is not legal but some companies still follow this system. There are such companies who focus more on the degrees and less on experience. Let us say that you have been working at Honda car showroom and you have sold more than 10 cars a year and now your job contract has ended. Now you are applying in Toyota and they hire only on the basis of latest degrees. Even if you are famous in market, some companies just keep following their books.

The next issue that you will be facing that sales can be seasonal. Take an example of the coronavirus, people have lessen buying and focusing more on buying used car. Even though the pandemic has slowed down but getting a person to buy a car has become very difficult.

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