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The Facilities Dubai Government Offers to Foreign Investors

If you consider a business setup in Dubai, you should know what facilities the Dubai government offers to foreign investors? The UAE government has introduced new commercial law that is friendlier to foreign investors. The number of directors and shareholders in a limited liability company is abolished, and new regulations make it easier to form and operate a business in a free zone. The UAE government also plans to allow full foreign ownership of companies. Besides, the new Commercial Code also provides new conditions for establishing holding companies in the UAE.

Free zone companies are easier to set up than onshore companies:

Setting up a Free Zone company and an onshore company is often difficult, but there are advantages to both. While operating costs in a Free Zone may be higher than that of an onshore company, the legal requirements for setting up an offshore company are far more restrictive. Moreover, operating a company within a Free Zone requires a higher initial share capital. However, a Free Zone business can often create a virtual office in a country without an onshore presence.

It is much easier to expand its business activities:

One of the main advantages of establishing a company in a Free Zone is that it is easier to expand its business activities. A mainland company is limited to one industry, while a Free Zone company can expand its horizons and increase its income. Additionally, the free zone authorities write up a detailed business license for residents, which typically covers only a single industry. Developing new verticals within the Free Zone requires signing-off from the relevant authorities.

Property ownership is unrestricted in the UAE:

In the UAE, the law restricts real estate ownership to nationals of the UAE and GCC. However, the law has recently been amended to permit foreigners to buy and sell the property within designated areas. Under the new law, the law also provides that a foreigner who holds a usufruct or Musalaha for more than ten years has the right to sell that property.

Healthcare facilities are offered to foreign investors:

Healthcare in the United Arab Emirates has traditionally been a government-run industry, not open to private investment. However, local governments have established free zones to attract foreign capital to Dubai’s healthcare industry. The largest of these free zones is the Dubai Healthcare City, which opened in 2008. It boasts over 80 clinics and over 1200 medical professionals and represents the interests of many foreign interests.

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