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Types of Beds

A bed is a thing that one buys and gets the idea that he or she will not be getting a new bed for some years or they don’t have to visit any bed shop in Dubai. The issue is when you get a bed that is not right for you then the money spent on mattress and bed linen in UAE is wasted as well. And, in UAE, people seldom buy second hand bed, mattress or bed linen. Many people don’t know that there are different kinds of bed and each bed and there are different kinds of bed designs that have different purposes as well. If you know less about beds then we suggest that you keep reading to know all types of beds.

  • There is a single bed and it is for a single person. If you have a small home and you live alone then this bed will be best for you.
  • There is a twin bed. It is basically meant for two people but there are more sizes in twin as well. because different companies have different sizes. This is also used by people who are large in size.
  • There is twin XL bed. It is best for two people but if the people are large, they will not fit in comfortably.
  • There is a full bed and this is bigger than twin XL. It is best for those who want to have a pet sleep on a small portion of the bed.
  • Then there is queen. This bed is perfect for two people and a kid.
  • If there is a queen then there def should be a king. And a king size bed also vary from size to size according to different companies.
  • There is there California king and queen, it is the kind of bed that is best for slumber parties.
  • There is a bed called daybed. It can be used as a sofa, bench and a bed at the same time.
  • There is a bed called futon. It is basically a couch but it is preferred by those people who need a strong support for their back sideways.

If you have kids at home then you can get a waterbed for them, they can play and sleep on it.

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