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Signs and symptoms of lice

Since hair lice is clearly visible but sometimes and especially with the people who have dark colored hair like black or dark brown, it is gets pretty difficult to detect lice in their hair. In that case you can identify with certain signs and symptoms that you have lice. These signs and symptoms are mentioned in this article below.

Itching (induced by an allergic reaction to the bites), a tickling sensation in the hair like something is moving in your hair, head abrasions (induced by scratching), these head sores can sometimes get infectious and irritation.

Lice shampoo for kids is usually the best option when it comes to treating lice. This is one of the hair lice treatment at home which is cheap in cost and also time saving.

Diagnosis of hair lice

There are proper professionals who are certified in treating hair lice. But before the step of treatment comes the step of diagnosis. So how do the professionals diagnose whether a person has hair lice or not? Well we shall discuss this very thing in this article below.

Head lice can be found by carefully inspecting the scalp and hair for nits, nymphs, or adults. It can be difficult to identify a nymph or adult because there are generally only just some of them and then they can move swiftly from seeking fingers. The appearance of nits near to the scalp, on the other hand, indicates that an individual is infected. If the nits seem to be more than 14 inches from the scalp, the infestation is most likely ancient. If you are unsure whether such a person has head lice, a medical professional, school nurse, or professional from the county health department or agricultural extension office should make the diagnosis. However, if you observe under a microscope, even an ordinary one, you can clearly see that the nits are visible from it.

Head lice can be very problematic for people and especially for the kids who go to school daily. In some institutions there is a strict policy regarding hair lice in which no student would be allowed to enter the school premises who has hair lice.